Breeding Sport Horses for owners to enjoy is an incredibly worthwhile way of life. There is never a fortune to be made, as future owners are buying a young horse with potential, often with no competition achievement record of their own. Temperament and looks are of vital importance along with solid competition results of the Sire, Dam and breed line. Versatility is certainly a huge positive point as it indicates trainability and willingness and therefore generosity of spirit. This is a massive plus as the rider may initially look for a horse to compete in a specific discipline but later may decide to try something different. Providing the conformation is suitable, it is reassuring to know that the horse you have chosen or bred, worked and bonded with, will happily have a go at something new should you feel so inclined.

The market for young horses will frequently only realize exactly what it has cost to produce them to the point of sale. So why do it? There is no real answer. Probably because we love being around them, watching them being born, develop and find the right home in which to flourish and achieve, but above all to be someone’s much loved companion for life.

Naturally we hope that one day there will be a very famous and successful progeny (or two) by our pinto sport horse stallion Goss Green Mirage. this would give us a great sense of achievement, but not necessarily financial gain. I guess we are not the type of people to crave extended holidays or flash cars. Our money is all spent on fencing, feed and farriers, a bit like constant parents really. Maybe we will grow out of it one day, then we can take off to the beach, meanwhile... can’t wait to see the new Mirage foals!

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