Our philosophy

We enjoy meeting new people and their mares and helping them to produce a foal that they will be proud of. We are constantly aware that visiting mares need to feel secure and confident in an environment that is not their own, so we try to introduce them to the stallion several times before covering. Also, an individual paddock where they can ‘talk’ safely to their neighbour is a priority.

Stud costs visting mares

Our 'guest' charges are kept at a realistic level.

  • $50 per week or
  • $60 for a mare with foal.

We advise that mares should stay for their second scan (30days) if possible. We strongly advise that if taken home directly after covering, that all scans be carried out to avoid disappointing situations such as mares ’absorbing’ without owners noticing that their cycle has recommenced. To help owners keep on track with scan dates we send email reminders.

2017 routine 'walk- in' scan cost at Equibreed is $86.25 incl. GST.

New Zealand clients

We highly recommend Equibreed for artificial insemination services and care of your broodmare. Please click on the link www.equibreed.co.nz to get more information regarding their facilities and charges. Chilled and frozen semen can be sent direct to you or your chosen veterinary practise. Please liaise with Equibreed regarding the timing of dispatch and return of Equitainer.

UK clients (frozen semen only)

Frozen semen can be delivered to your own veterinary practise or arrange for your mare to be inseminated at West Kington Stud. See www.westkingtonstud.co.uk for further information. All initial enquiries should be directed to Goss Green Sport Horses.


We try our utmost to ensure that chilled semen will arrive with your vet at the requested time. However, your mare will produce what looks like a large viable follicle ready for insemination on a Sunday or Public Holiday, just because she can! So we would like to assure you that Mirage semen quality is such that chilled storage for up to 48hrs prior to insemination is not a problem, there are many foals around as proof. Equibreed Ltd. are always happy to liaise with you or your vet regarding details of frozen or chilled semen quality, or regarding timing of transportation. It is always better to plan in advance to be aware of the options available.

If necessary, and the destination is within 2 hours driving distance, we would be happy to meet halfway to deliver the chilled semen directly to you.

2017 Equibreed prices
Stallion collection: $230 incl. GST
Semen dispatch: $299 incl. GST
Airport delivery/ pick up: $86.25 incl. GST

Our breeding contract is available here.

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